Back Country Horsemen of Northeast Georgia


President: Ben Daniels

Vice President: Tommy James

Treasurer: Kathy Keller

Secretary: Katie Adams

Trail Bosses: Tom & Dana Adams


The Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) is a national organization dedicated to perpetuating the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America’s back country and to assist land management agencies in their maintenance and management of equine-related trails and facilities. BCHA has over 13,000 members and organizations in 27 states. The Back Country Horsemen of Georgia (BCHGA) includes four BCH chapters: North, Northeast, Middle and South, and Northwest Georgia.


The Northeast chapter was formed in late 2009 to better support publicly available equestrian trails and related facilities in that region generally bounded on the north by the Georgia-North Carolina state line, on the east by the Georgia-South Carolina state line. 


BCHNEG, a chapter of Back Country Horsemen of America, is committed to protecting our historical right to ride on public lands. We work with the U.S. Forest Service, other federal and state land managers, local governments, equine and other user groups to preserve our access to public lands. Our volunteers help maintain existing trails and campgrounds, and assist in building new ones. BCHNEG's educational programs in Leave No Trace principles and practices promote the responsible use and enjoyment of our forests and parks by trail riders and all outdoor enthusiasts of today and tomorrow.


On March 1, 2004, Georgia Trail Riders lost access to 865,044 acres of land. No state wide, equine group based in Georgia raised a legal voice against this loss. We need to be that voice for Northeast Georgia.



How we got started...